THE DUMPSTER CHILDREN: Please Help Me Before it’s too Late!

I’m a BIG fuzzy teddy bear who loves everyone. But my family got tired of me and Daddy threw me into this big dumpster. Now I’m scared. I didn’t think I had done anything wrong, but Mommy and Daddy and Olivia and Joshua decided that there was no room for me in the tiny apartment, and little Olivia started playing with her Bratz dolls and stopped talking to me and didn’t want to cuddle with me at night. I was so sad because I always liked cuddling with her and Josh when they were little. Now they don’t like me any more.

Then one night Daddy came home and was playing heavy metal music so loud that it vibrated Josh’s Lego Starfighter right off the dresser and it crashed into the floor and broke in a billion pieces and Daddy came into the room barefoot and did a dance of pain ’cause he stepped on the Lego pieces. Then he fell down on the bed and broke the bed with a loud crack that hurt my ears and then said some words that I can’t tell you here. I think he got mad ’cause he had been drinking beer. Then he passed out on the bed and when he woke up, he took me and Cinderella out the door and dumped me into the dumpster among pizza boxes and cans and common garbage.  He left Cinderella behind the dumpster and she was sad too.

But the saddest thing is that Olivia and Josh didn’t really care. I hope that somebody finds me soon, because all I want in life is to have a family that loves me. Please adopt me before it’s too late! Oh, no: I hear a big green truck coming. It’s getting louder and louder … !

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BS and MS in natural resources, with early career work as an artist and nature center director. Became a full-time photographer in 1990. Sells photographs at art shows nationwide. Publication credits include National Geographic, Alaska Magazine, National Wildlife, Audubon, and scores of other magazines, books, calendars, and electronic media.

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