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Backpacking in The Enchantments in Washington State, a rugged high country wilderness in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, where Mountain Goats are friendly and Alpine Larches light the landscape with golden autumn color.

The Enchantments is among the premier backpacking destinations in the Pacific Northwest, and is especially wonderful in autumn, when Alpine Larches are golden. This is part one of an account of a week-long hike into this high country of Mountain Goats, wilderness lakes, and granite peaks.

Bears use their razor-sharp claws and teeth to terrorize our dreams, but they also use these formidable weapons in real life to terrorize trees.

A blog entry discussing the emotional impact of different exposures upon pictures of waterfalls.

Autumn 2009 had a bumper wild blueberry crop in the subalpine meadows of Washington State’s Cascade Mountains.