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Hiking to the Gobblers Knob Fire Lookout, which stands near Mount Rainier. The lookout has a wonderful history and one of the most spectacular views in the USA; the approach trail skirted two subalpine lakes and was filled with wildflowers.

We watched two Cascade Foxes at close range in Mount Rainier National Park; one had the dark Silver Fox coloration, and the other had the more typical reddish coloration. We watched one stalking a mouse under the snow, then pouncing on it; but we also observed the foxes scavenging in a parking lot and taking food from an outstretched hand–not a good idea!

During a recent winter trip to Mount Rainier National Park, encountered crystalline skies, plus the magic of seeing a Silver Phase Red Fox for the first time.

Night photography was an excuse to visit Mt. Rainier, but it was also a lovely autumn day for a hike in the alpine zone on the volcano.

In Mt. Rainier National Park’s new visitor center, the natural wood and black metal of the interior work beautifully together in the cathedral ceiling, and the craftsman-style copper light fixtures harken back to the time when the original buildings were erected at Paradise.