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Perfect synchronization of Common Ravens in flight Six of them blazed by, wingtip to wingtip, making constant loud noise as they practiced intricate aerial acrobatics. Climbing rapidly, then hurtling into steep dives, coming within feet of the ground, only to pull up into the heavens again. This air show went on for about five minutes, at which point the fliers were running low on fuel and sped off to replenish themselves. We… Read More

Horned Puffins, Tufted Puffins, Parakeet Auklets, and Common Murres are among the nesting seabirds on Round Island in Alaska’s Bristol Bay.

A winter snowshoeing trip on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.

This snowy north side of Mount Edith Cavell was breathtaking (or maybe it was the altitude!), and it has always been a significant landmark in the Athabasca River Valley. Three glaciers live on this side of the mountain: the Angel Glacier, the Cavell Glacier, and the smaller Ghost Glacier.