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Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Great Gum Wall of Seattle, located in Post Alley near the Pike Place Market, is as gross a place as you can expect to find anywhere in the world!

Mountain Bluebird males are a perfect cerulean blue, vivid against the sagebrush-steppe landscape where they often nest. These were photographed at Whiskey Dick Mountain in central Washington State.

Perfect synchronization of Common Ravens in flight Six of them blazed by, wingtip to wingtip, making constant loud noise as they practiced intricate aerial acrobatics. Climbing rapidly, then hurtling into steep dives, coming within feet of the ground, only to pull up into the heavens again. This air show went on for about five minutes, at which point the fliers were running low on fuel and sped off to replenish themselves. We… Read More

A blog entry discussing the emotional impact of different exposures upon pictures of waterfalls.