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Monthly Archives: May 2008

I spotted a second variety of trillium–a yellow toadshade with leaves patterned in light and deep shades of green–that I had never seen before.

Edward Hopper is among my favorite artists, and his paintings influenced my photography of classic old buildings. He is most famous for his painting “Nighthawks,” in which late night patrons of a lonely urban diner are playing out some vague drama.

For those who think American small towns died soon after “It’s a Wonderful Life” was filmed, it’s a surprise to see that there are beautiful small towns all over the Midwest that look for all the world like Bedford Falls.

So, my Dad and his cousin “Dude” ended up with memorials in the same cemetery, which you can see in the accompanying pictures. They are among graves of (mostly) men who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Mideast wars.

Then all hell broke loose! I stuck my elbow into a Fire Ant nest, and within two seconds it felt like there was a strong electric current running through my elbow. I leaped up, frantically brushing ants from my arm and dancing on the roadside.

After I finished my dogwood photography, I was putting away my gear and preparing to drive away when I looked into the forest again and saw an American Black Bear foraging in a forest opening about 100 yards away.

The National Defense Highways—now known as Interstate Highways—were created largely because General Eisenhower observed the efficiency of the German Autobahn during World War II …