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Finally, I spotted one of the band down below. I thought it was my Nanny, and ran down to her as fast as I could. But it wasn’t her. Then I ran farther down the meadow toward another one of my band members that I could see in the distance. This time it WAS my mom and I was so glad to see her after being lost for so long.

We watched a Wolverine carrying a dead Hoary Marmot up a steep mountainside above Lake O’Hara in Canada’s Yoho National Park.

Life as a Pacific Walrus summering on Round Island, Alaska, in a light-hearted look at this immense species.

This morning I watched a family of four River Otters swim along the  shore of Fawn Lake, where I live in Mason County on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. When I stepped out  on the deck to watch from above, I watched and heard one otter’s jaws crunching a fish after emerging from a dive.  Whenever I see a family of otters here, they dive closely together–usually just a few feet apart–not spreading… Read More